Wedding Gift Ideas – On or Off the Registry

Few couples get married these days without a registry or specific indications about gift ideas, such as cash only in contribution toward a honeymoon or dream home.

For those guests who pride themselves on gift giving (it is one of the five love languages), sticking to the registry can seem boring and even impersonal.

But selecting items to add to a registry gift, or finding something you know the couple will love is truly an art (oh, and art itself is a good idea, but only if you know the couple VERY well).

So for those of you dead set on giving a memorable gift, here are a few tips:

1. Work with the registry – Choose an item and then find something personable off the registry to add to it.
– Cooking items – add a cookbook or novelty glassware, such as fun martini glasses to go with their new blender
– Home décor – find something complementary, such as throw pillows, vases or picture frames
– Towels or bedding – get them monogrammed

2. Team up – going in with a group of people on a bigger ticket item is one way to make an impression on the bride and groom. If you know the couple really well and are close with the bridal party, you could even ask to join up with them on their group gift.

3. Give the gift of experience – surprise the bride and groom with something they would never have asked for, but you know they will love:
– Tickets to a concert or sporting event
– Something they can do together like cooking classes or dance classes
– Gift cards – restaurants, a hardware store, iTunes, Amazon, Etsy, StubHub – the options are endless!

Final tip: whether on or off the registry, ALWAYS include the gift receipt.

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