Wedding Centrepiece Ideas

From elegant and grand to understated and delicate, centrepieces can really set the tone at a wedding reception.

Floral arrangements are an easy tie-in to the bridal party and wedding colours, but they can get a bit pricey—and feel a bit forgettable. If you’re looking for something other than flowers, here are a few alternative centrepiece ideas for your wedding.


  • Pinwheels – a vase full of pinwheels in mix-and-match prints adds a whimsical touch
  • Games – Give your guests something to do with different games and puzzles as centrepieces
  • Terrariums – a fun DIY project for the particularly creative, terrariums can be filled with moss, ferns, flowers and even tiny figurines that complement your wedding theme


  • Books – a stack of classic hardcover books with a framed favourite quote on top is simple and personal
  •  Tea set – a vintage tea set with just a few blooms inside the pot has an old-fashioned feeling
  • Photos – vases full of branches with hanging photos or framed photos that double as table numbers works well

Seasonal fruits and vegetables

  • Pomegranates and pinecones bring warm tones for a winter wedding
  • Vibrant fruit, such as lemons, look stunning in pillar vases
  • Autumn-hued or painted gourds are lovely for a fall wedding


  • Bring dessert to your guests with a tier of cupcakes as the centrepiece
  • Fill a fishbowl with candies that match your wedding colour
  • Small bouquets of lollipops or cake pops can do double-duty as wedding favours
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