Pros and Cons of Weddings in Every Season

So you got engaged over the holidays—congratulations! Once you come down from your new engagement high, you might want to hit the ground season by season weddingsrunning on your wedding plans.

There are countless decisions to be made for your wedding. One of the first will be a wedding date.

Maybe you’ve always dreamed of a rustic fall wedding. Or a winter wonderland wedding. Or a sunny spring or summer wedding with a spectacular floral bouquet.

The season can have a huge influence on the colour scheme, décor and overall feel of your special day. To help you decide, here’s a quick rundown of some pros and cons of getting married in each season.



– Stark white snowy landscapes can make for stunning photo ops

– Winter weddings lend themselves to darker, deeper palettes, like red/black/white or jewel tones

– Rates are often lower and there is less competition on venues

– Winter weddings are not as common so they leave a memorable impression with guests


– Unpredictable weather

– Out-of-town guests may not want to travel for your wedding if they also have holiday travel plans

– Fewer hours of daylight can restrict outdoor photo ops

– You’ll need to find a warm piece (coat, shawl, etc) to go with your dress, and so will your bridesmaids



– Metaphorically, springtime is a lovely time to get married – a new beginning for you and your partner

– Spring weddings lean toward lighter colours, pastels and soft floral themes

– Warmer weather but without the risk of humidity or high heat


– Weather can be unpredictable, if planning for outdoors

– Late spring is busy with grad season and other weddings so venues can be full far in advance

– The worst season for allergies



– Usually best availability for out-of-town guests

– Summer weddings scream for vibrant colours and you’ll have the best options for local blooms

– Safest season for outdoor weddings and photos ops—and longest hours of sunlight


– Requires the longest lead time because of the highest competition for venues and vendors

– Too much heat or humidity can be a headache for hair and makeup and uncomfortable for guests

– Worst season for insects



– Early fall is fairly predictable weather wise, and can still work well for outdoor weddings

– Calls for earthy and autumnal themes; deeper colour schemes can work too

– Fall foliage makes for great photo ops


– Early fall can be conflicting with back to school, or guests who have used up vacation time over the summer

– Later fall weather is unpredictable

– Guests can also feel a bit strapped budget-wise after summer vacation

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