Bubble Soccer Rental

The laughter is guaranteed as you will feel like a kid again. A Bubble Soccer Rental is a super fun and safe way to entertain any group. Truly a great activity for corporate events and birthday parties or anyone wanting to blow off a little steam.

Bubble soccer rentals are available in Edmonton and Calgary.

We dare you not to smile when playing, as its nearly impossible. All you need is a little space and group of friends to have the time of your life. The demand for Bubble Soccer has been incredible as this sport spreads like wildfire.

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Tell Me More About Bubble Soccer

Also known as Zorb Football, our customers are telling us this is the most most fun you can have with your clothes on. It can be played in a sports hall or anywhere outside you have grass and some space.  The bubble encases the players upper body and head which affords for some wild antics for those even not brave of heart.B

Play Bubble Soccer  Your Way

Zorb bowling is when a group of people stand at one end of the pitch whilst another player stands at the other end. It is then his job to run and dive at the group, trying to knock as many of them over as possible.

Zorb sumo is when two players line up in a circle drawn on the ground, with the object of the game being to push each other out from the circle.

Bulldog is when one player tries to run over a line, with the rest of the players lined up defending the line and trying to stop him getting over it.

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